Reliable ice cream sticks factory solution service since 2005. We are not just provide machine. We are providing business solution for customer.

Our Services


Ice Cream Sticks Production Line

We provide complete design and machine for ice cream sticks making factory. Our machine include ice cream sticks making machine, ice cream sticks chamfering machine, ice cream sticks selecting machine, ice cream sticks branding machine, ice creams sticks bundling machine, etc.


Tongue Depressor Production Line

We provide complete high quality medical tongue depressor production line and business proposal for customer. Main machine include tongue depressor making machine,tongue depressor chamfering machine and tongue depressor four side sealing machine


Coffee Stirrer Stick Production Line

We provide labor saving coffee stirrer bundling and coffee stirrer wrap packing machine for global customer. Now, we can provide plastic coffee stirrer production line and wooden coffee stirrer production line.


Wooden Sticks Packing Solution

We provide round wood sticks production line, include round wood sticks making machine, round wood quality selecting machine and round wood stick branding machine for customer.


Ice Cream Spoon Production Line

We provide special design ice cream spoon making machine, include automatic ice cream spoon chamfering machine, ice cream spoon bundling machine and ice cream spoon wrapping packing machine.


Disposable Wood Cutlery Machine

We provide disposable wooden cutlery, include disposable wooden spoon, disposable wooden forks, disposable wooden knife making machine, disposable wooden cutlery printing machine, disposable wooden cutlery packing machine.


Automatic Toothpicks Production Line

We provide toothpicks production line for bamboo toothpicks and wooden toothpicks.  It mainly include sawing machine, round stick forming machine, toothpicks head sharpening machine, toothpicks packing machine.


Wood Crate Production Line

We provide fruit wood crate production line, include wood board veneer rotary cutting machine, wood batten cutting machine and wood crate stitching machine

Wood Match Stick Production Line

We provide match stick production line, include wood board cutting machine, match stick punch cutting machine , match stick drying and polishing machine.

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