Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine is fine processing equipment for ice cream sticks, magnums and tongue depressors. It is mainly used for rounding edges and corners of sticks which can make the appearance of the woo sticks neat and perfect to reach high quality requirement.

Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine has the characteristics of high productivity, wide application scope, stable processing quality, convenient for installation, commissioning and operation.

Specification of Ice Cream Sticks Chamfering Machine

Application “114”、“93”ice cream stick(accessories needed for ice cream stick “125” and hot dog stick “140”)
Power 1.5 KW
Output 20,000 pcs/hour
Size 1000×800×850mm
Dimension of Container 930×860×1150mm
Weight 210KG(NET)256 KG (GW)
Main function Bulk feeding, equivalent width, alterable slideway, equal sides

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