Ice Cream Sticks Branding Machine is used for stamping logo or words on the surface of ice cream sticks. It has the feature of neat appearance, simple operation and high productivity. Ice Cream Sticks Branding Machine gets lots of praise from customers home and abroad.

Feature of Ice Cream Sticks Branding Machine

  1. The design adopts typical groove and wheel driving system which can make intermittent operation accurately while running and reduces the wrong brand words so as to make the production perfectly, accurately and quickly.
  2. The equipment installs the big feed bin which could add the materials at any moment and increase the storage capacity. It also can reduce the pressure to show the human nature.
  3. The material running relays on the special chain through the feeding system in the feed bin and the chain delivered to the branded words mould. This step is delivered by Geneva mechanism in order to achieve an orderly and intermittently transmission and ensure the right position between material and mould.
  4. The mould action relays on a pair of crank-link to realize reciprocating action. There are two additional over-press springs on the mould sides. They can add the press time and the clearness of branded words, at the same time, reduce the impact and noise in the operation of the equipment.

Specification of Ice Cream Sticks Branding Machine

Type WSB
Application “125”、“114”、“93” ice cream stick94 magnum
Power 1.1 KW
Output 11,000 pcs/hour
Dimension of Container 1800×750×1200mm
Weight 145 KG(NET)245 KG (GW)

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