Tongue Depressor Wood Plate Rotary Cutting Machine is used to cut wood logo into certain thickness woode plate.  These wood plate can be used for tongue depressor, ice cream stick and wooden cutlery making by die punch cutting machine.

The Wood Log need to be boiled in water which make wood is soft and easy to cut.

Advantage Features of Tongue Depresso Rotary Cutting Machine

  1. Feeding part adopts ferrobronze and lead screw is made of 663# abrasion-proof material.
  2. Adopt transducer 、PLC programming unit and other high-performance numerical control components.
  3. The machine works stably and safely.
  4. This machine is suitable to process birch、poplar、eucalyptus、pine and other wood materials.

Specification of Tongue Depresso Rotary Cutting Machine

Model RM-RDS
Wood Board Thickness 1- 8mm
Processing Length <520mm
Clamping Diameter <800mm
Dimension 2500*2400*1300mm
Principal Axis Speed 0 – 220 r/min
Main Motor Power 7.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Moving Forward Motor Power 1.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Auxiliary Clamping Motor Power 1.5 Kw & 1400r/min
Weight 2350kg
Max Cuting Speed 380mm/s

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