Wood Round Stick Forming Machine is used for planing square wood into round shape wood stick. Round Wooden Stick Rod Machine is mainly used in broom handle making, mop handle maping and shovel handle making industry.  We can make customized design according to customer requirement. 

Advantage Feature of Wooden Round Stick Forming Making Machine

  1. Widely useful difference materials , such as can process square stock and round stock embryo.
  2. Smooth surface, the output round stick close to sanding effect, saves sanding process by changing speed.
  3. High productivity, the fastest feed can reach 18m/min,we can also design output more round sticksatone time according to customer’s need
  4. Sticks can be used for broom, mop, garden tools or other house cleaning too.

Specification of Light Round Wood Stick Making Machine

Model  RM-RSM9050 RM-RSM9050A RM-RSM9050B
Power 3kw 3kw 3kw
Min. Processing Diameter  15mm 15mm 15mm
Max. Processing Diameter 50mm 50mm 50mm
Blade Quantity 2 2 2
Shortest Processing Length 450mm 450mm 450mm
Longest Processing Length Less than 1m  Less than 1.3m No limited 
Dimension 850*650*800mm 850*650*800mm 850*650*800mm

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