Hopper Feeder Ice Cream Sticks Branding is a kind of new craft and method in logo branding industry. It is mainly used to brand logos on wooden sticks, such as ice cream sticks, tongue depressors, magnums etc. After branding, the wooden sticks have good advertising and security function. It gives consumers a brand-new feeling because it is elegant and nonpoisonous. Hopper Feeder Ice Cream Sticks Branding has the characteristic of high speed, wide adjustment scope and easy handling.


Equipment Name Hopper Feeder Ice Cream Sticks Branding
Application Ice cream sticks, Chopsticks, Ice spoons,Bamboo sticks
Voltage Customized
Power 1.5 kw
Efficiency 10000 pieces per hour
Dimension 650*550*1400mm
Package Dimension 750*650*1100mm
Net Weight 70 kg

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