Ice cream sticks carton filling machine is used for fill ice cream stick into the carton and make sure ice cream sticks in order. It include two process: loading and filling. Ice cream sticks carton filling machine realize the automatic box filling process , decrease the labor strength and help customer save a lot of cost on labor.

Specification of Ice Cream Sticks Carton Filling Machine

Type WSBF114
Application “112” “113” “114”、“93” “125”ice cream stick
Power 0.75 KW
Output 40000 pcs/hour
Size 3220×500×1250mm
Dimension of Container 2850×1040×1270mm
Weight 330KG(NET)
Main function Test Items:(1)thinness (both ends);(2)narrow (both ends );(3)longitudinal bending;(4)lateral bending; (5)auto-in row; (6)auto- boxing

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