Wheel Type Ice Cream Sticks Visual Selecting Machine is the newest equipment for ice cream sticks quality selecting machine. It can not only select the size and shape of the wooden sticks but also can select the sticks that have problem with color difference. This is the reason why Ice Cream Sticks Visual Selecting Machine is welcomed and popular. Once the machine has checked out sticks with problem, it will inform the PLC control system and bad sticks will be blew out.The driver and camera is imported from Japan which can select color difference of sticks and spoons by comparing during the procedure.Ice Cream Sticks Visual Selecting Machine can be connected with bundling machine then becomes a production line then take place of workers totally.

Selecting Item: 

Shape and size: width, length, bend, thickness and lateral bending

Color difference: water lines, heavy pollution, black boils, crew cut, submerged plate, collapse end and big split.


Type WSVS114
Application “114”、“93” Ice cream stick
Power 1.2KW;380v
Output 35,000 pcs/hour
Size 2750×500×1700mm
Weight 800 KG(NET)
Main function Test Items:(1) pollution chromatism (2) width (3) narrow (4) thickness (5) thinness(6)head broken (7) longitudinal bend (8) lateral bend

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