Ice Cream Spoon Chamfering Machine is used for rounding edges and corners of ice cream spoon. This is to make the appearance of ice cream spoon more suitable and perfect to reach high quality standard. Ice Cream Spoon Chamfering Machine is our new design equipment, which adopt mould feeding for Ice Spoon Chamfering. It has the characteristics of high productivity, wide application scope, stable processing quality, convenient for installation, commissioning and operation.

Specification of Ice Cream Spoon Chamfering Machine

Type ISB
Application 94 magnum
Power 1.5 KW
Output 7,000 pcs/hour
Size 1250x930x1150mm
Dimension of Container 1220x890x975mm
Weight 240 KG (NET)286 KG (GW)
Main function Bulk feeding, round edge

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