Ice Cream Spoon Bundling Machine is used for bundling ice spoon into 50 pieces, 100 pieces or others. With the feature of simply installation, convenient adjustment and easy operation, Ice Spoon Bundling Machine has been widely used by our customers. Ice Cream Spoon Bundling Machine can check curved, thin and narrow sticks and then blow them away. Ice Cream Spoon Bundling Machine adopts PLC computer controller as the control system.

Ice Cream Spoon Bundling Machine combine mechanical, electricity and air in one body, which runs safely and reliably. The wrapping belt material use Kraft Paper(glue spray system) or Plastic Paper.

Type ISB94
Application “94” magnum, ice spoon, ice cream spoon
Power 1.2KW
Output 30000pcs/hour
Size 2500×800×1430mm
Dimension of Container 2440×900×1400mm
Weight 350KG(NET)468 KG (GW)

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