Ice Cream Sticks Production Line


From raw material wood to final ice cream sticks product for sale, it need the processing as follow

Saw wood to short wood Log

Wood Log Steam Boiling to make wood soft for following wood plate rotary cutting

Spindle rotary cutting machine to get wood plate for following ice cream sticks carved cutting making machine

1.make the log to short-cutted wood(log cutting saw)→2.boiling(boiling pool)→3.peel off the wood skin(peeling machine)→4.rotary cutting(heavy double phase rotary cutter )→5.punching(triplet carving cutter)→6.drying(mesh belt dryer)→7.polishing(trembling barrel)→8.transfer(transmission band)→9.ordering(ordering machine)→10.selecting( wheel-type
visual selecting machine)→11.chamfering (chamfering machine)→12.polishing(trembling barrel)→13.branding(branding machine)→14.ordering(ordering machine)→15.bundling(bundling machine)

Saw wood to short wood log-wood log steam boiling-wood plate rotary cutting-ice cream stick carved cutting-ice cream sticks drying and polishing-ice cream sticks chamfering-ice cream sticks selecting-ice cream sticks branding-ice cream sticks bundling for sale.



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